Valencia Baseball Stadium club operates through our generous family/player donations and fundraising.

Player donations: This is a tax-deductible donation used for the operations of the program in its entirety. At no time will player donations or time invested in the program equate to playing time or making the team. All money, time, or equipment donated should be given with the intent of advancing the program, not any individual. That said, no players will be kept from participating in the program if they cannot donate, nor will they be treated differently. 

Fundraising: We ask all players to show pride in their program and participate in all fundraising opportunities. We strive to update parents and players in a timely manner of all events and understand that unforeseen circumstances may occur, keeping the player from attending. When that occurs, please have players communicate their absence with their coaches. Some fundraising events are Cornhole and Chipotle nights, but a complete list can be found here.

Donation Requests for the 2022-2023 season: $1,000

We are an open book here at Valencia Stadium Club. For your convenience and if you have any questions on how donations and fundraising collections are spent, please attend a booster club meeting.

Monthly budget report

Donations can be sent via