(Year Drafted, Player, Team, Round Selected)
2019 Dylan Thomas – Minnesota Twins – 13th Round
2019 Anthony Lepre – Seattle Mariners – 28th Round
2019 Cole Kleszcz – New York Mets – 33rd Round 
2018 Dylan Thomas – Minnesota Twins – 38th Round
2017 Keston Hiura Milwaukee Brewers – 1st Round (9th overall)
2017 Jared Oliva Pittsburgh Pirates – 7th Round
2017 Colton Burns Minnesota Twins – 18th Round
2017 Ben Fariss Toronto Blue Jays – 39th Round
2017 Chase Farrell Houston Astros – 40th Round
2017 Cole Kleszcz Cleveland Indians – 40th Round
2016  JD Busfield   Tampa Bay Rays – 7th Round
2016  Scott Ogrin  Minnesota Twins – 27th Round
2015  Brian Mundell   Colorado Rockies – 7th Round

2015 Devin Davis  Tampa Bay Rays – 25th Round
2014   Shane Zeile   Detroit Tigers – 5th Round
2014   Brennan Bernardino   Cincinnati Reds – 26th Round
2013   Trey Williams   Philadelphia Phillies – 7th Round
2012   Trey Williams   St. Louis Cardinals – 11th Round
2011   Justin Shults   Houston Astros – 46th Round
2011   Josh Corrales   Seattle Mariners – 45th Round
2010   Michael Hur   Arizona D-backs – 22nd Round
2009   Virgil Hill   St. Louis Cardinals – 6th Round
2009   Jared Clark   Colorado Rockies – 12th Round
2008   Jared Clark   Anaheim Angels – 44th Round
2008   Virgil Hill   Oakland A’s – 35th Round
2007   Danny Worth   Detroit Tigers – 2nd Round
2007   Jared Clark   Cleveland Indians – 19th Round
2007   Virgil Hill   Florida Marlins – 28th Round
2007   Garrett Rieck   Cleveland Indians – 29th Round
2006   Casey Mulligan   St. Louis Cardinals – 22nd Round
2004   Jared Clark   Houston Astros – 18th Round
2004   Kyle Wilson   L.A. Dodgers – 22nd Round

ALL DISTRICT 8 (Calif, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah)
2015  Devin Davis
2014   Keston Hiura
2012   Brian Mundell
2004    Jared Clark
2003   Matt Aidem

2017 Chase Farrell
2016 Ben Fariss
2016 Scott Ogrin
2015 Scott Ogrin

2015 Devin Davis
2014  Keston Hiura
2014  Devin Davis
2012  Trey Williams 
 2011  A.J. Balta 
 2009  Christian Lopes
2008  Christian Lopes
2004  Matt Aidem

2004  Jared Clark

2019 Davis Cop (1st)
​2019 Brock Kleszcz (2nd)
2018 Lukas White (1st)
2017 Chase Farrell (1st)
​2017 Trace Eldridge (2nd)
2016 Ben Fariss (2nd)
​2015 Scott Ogrin (1st)

2015 Devin Davis (2nd)
2014 Keston Hiura (1st)
2014 Devin Davis (2nd)
2012 Brian Mundell (1st)
2012 Trey Williams (2nd)
2011 AJ Balta (1st)
2010 Trey Williams (1st)
2009 Christian Lopes (1st)
2009 Scotland McKenzie (2nd)
2008 Dylan Jones (2nd)
2008 Christian Lopes (2nd)
2007 Robbie Mousselli (1st)
2006 Casey Mulligan (1st)
2006 Nick Pappas (2nd)
2004 Matt Aidem (1st)
2004 Jared Clark (1st)
2004 Wes Pascolla (2nd)
2003 Matt Aidem (1st) (CO Player of Year)
2003 Jared Clark (1st)
2002 Jimmy Rohan (1st)
2002 Jared Clark (2nd)
1998 Brady Burrill (1st)


2019 Davis Cop
2018 Lukas White
2017 Chase Farrell (Pitcher OY)
2015 Scott Ogrin

2014 Keston Hiura
2013 J.D. Busfield (Pitcher OY) 
2011 A.J. Balta 
2010 Trey Williams 
2009 Christian Lopes 
2007 Robbie Mouselli 
2006 Casey Mulligan 
2004 Matt Aidem 
2003 Matt Aidem
2002 Jimmy Rohan 


2021 1st Team
Scotty Pieper
Kaden Brennan

2021 2nd Team
Aiden Sandoval
Noah Nichols

No All League Teams (COVID)

2019 1st Team
Mitchell Torres
Tyler Robitaille
Brock Kleszcz

2019 2nd Team
Kyle Barileau

Parker Simonian

2018 1st Team
Luke Chung

2018 2nd Team
Jake Biscailuz
Mitchell Torres
Davis Cop

2017 1st Team
Trace Eldridge
Ben Fariss
Lukas White

2017 2nd Team
Jake Biscailuz
Tyler Erne
Cody Minnis

2016 1st Team
Scott Ogrin
Ben Fariss
Trace Eldridge
Chase Farrell

2016 2nd Team
Tyler Erne
AJ Medina

2015 1st Team
Kevin Chandler
Devin Davis
AJ Medina

2015 2nd Team
Cole Kleszcz
Dylan Thomas
Anthony Lepre

2014 1st Team
Chad Bible
Devin Davis
Anthony Lepre

2014 2nd Team
Kevin Chandler
Dylan Thomas

2013 1st Team
Anthony Lepre
Chris McCready
Luke Soroko

2013 Second Team 
Chad Bible
Kyle Sanchez

2012 First Team
Trey Williams
Keston Hiura
Brian Mundell

2012 Second Team
Chris Giminez
Connor Chase

2011 First Team
Trey Williams
Shane Zeile
Nick Rivas
Jake Roberge

2011 Second Team
Brian Mundell
Quincy Quintero

2010 First Team
Quincy Quintero
James Bonds
Shane Zeile

2010 Second Team 
Brian Mundell
Kyle Eaton

2009 First Team
Scotland McKenzie
Trey Williams
Nick Rivas

2009 Second Team
Dylan Jones
Quincy Quintero

2008 First Team
Dylan Jones
Christian Lopes

2008 Second Team
Josh Corrales
Taylor Dingman

2007 FIrst Team
Virgil Hill
Josh Corrales
Dan Linkmeyer

2007 Second Team 
Jordan Bottenfield
Chris Matzner

2006 First Team
Michael Hur
Nick Pappas
Justin Shults
Scott Fowler
Michael Scott

2006 Second Team 
Armando Gallardo
Caleb DeVille

2005 First Team
Armando Gallardo
Casey Mulligan
Nick Pappas
Garrett Pascolla
Sean Proni

2005 Second Team
Nick Ferndino
Michael Hur

2004 First Team 
Wes Pascolla
Danny Worth
Patrick O’Sullivan
Casey Mulligan
Sean Proni
Jared Clark

2004 Second Team
Richard Cadena

2003 First Team
Wes Pascolla
Derek Harms
Danny Worth
Garrett Rieck
Casey Mulligan
Jared Clark

2003 Second Team
Richard Cadena

2002 First Team
Jared Clark
Jon Porter
Garrett Rieck
Wes Pascolla

2002 Second Team
Matt Aidem
Patrick O’Sullivan

2001 First Team
Danny Braun
Kyle Wilson
Jimmy Rohan

2001 Second Team 
Matt Aidem
Richie Martin

2000 First Team 
Luis Velasquez
Danny Braun 
Jimmy Rohan

2000 Second Team
Chris Rippe
Ricky Acevas

1999 First Team
Richie Martin
Chris Rippe

 1998 First Team
Brady Burrill

1997 First Team
Brady Burrill